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Recent Payouts

We have recently purchase several corporate entities from 5 to 33 years old.  Here is what the sellers earned:


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Frequently Asked Questions

Selling old Corporate Entities is a much better solution than dissolving it or forgetting about it and letting it go into default to the Secretary of State.


Yes, we are interested in Active Corporations as well, the worth may be more than that of an Inactive Corporate Entity.


Yes, we do, but our focus and our largest market is in the United States.


The worth of a Corporate Entity is determined by three factors;

  1. Demand from Buyers for the State of Incorporation; depending on tax structures and laws, certain States are considered more desirable than others.
  2. Age – the older a Corporate Entity is, the more it is worth.
  3. How long it has been inactive – and how much it will cost to reinstate with the Secretary of State.


Yes.  All shareholders who own a part of a Corporate Entity must authorize the sale.  We cannot purchase any Corporate Entity that is encumbered in any way.


No. We require all Corporate Entities to be debt free and without liens or other liabilities.  The only exception is past due Secretary of State or Franchise Tax Board fees and Costs, which we can accept and which play a factor in our valuation.


Once you have requested an Instant Cash Quote, we will have a Cash Offer for you within 24 hours.  Once you accept the offer and execute the sale documents, we will pay out within 24 hours as well.  We can mail a check or make a direct deposit into your bank account.

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Funds in Your Bank Account in 24 Hours

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