How it works

Corporations are the superstructure of most businesses.  Each business becomes incorporated for a variety of reasons and a variety of methods.  Some corporations grow and evolve and buy up other companies to become a giant in an industry.  Some corporations simply are formed to promote an idea, to benefit a tax opportunity, or to join small business people together under a formal organizational structure.

Like any organism – corporations also outlive their purpose and subsequently, their usefulness to the owners.  Once a company fails, or goes out of business, often the structure remains, like a skeleton on the plain.

Skeletons never die

Unlike those whitened bones on the windswept prairie, corporate entities never fully die.  They can be resurrected for people who have new uses for them.

We bring corporations back to life.  We specialize in buying these old corporate skeletons, we restructure them, reinstate them and bring them up to date, and then we offer to our client base – a network of specific attorneys, accountants and business people around the world.

Corporations have a value after their useful life is over for you

So – don’t throw your corporate entity away, don’t walk away and wait for that letter from the Secretary of State or that tax bill from the Franchise Tax Board.  Don’t dissolve it.  Bring it to us, and either sell it outright, or consign it with us and we will find a new owner.

We can make you a cash offer – if you accept our valuation – we pay in 24 hours.

Or you can sell on consignment – we bring it up to date, pay back fees, market it, list it and negotiate with one of our clients who have specific needs for a and older corp with a history that is clean and ready to go.  When it sells, we give you a consignment fee much higher than the cash price, but you will wait – like us – until it is sold.

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Funds in Your Bank Account in 24 Hours

Turn Your Old Corporate Entities into CASH!

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