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Is that old corporate book still around for that business that is no longer operational?

We will make an offer for your corporate entity based on several factors;

  • The corporation must be free and clear of all debts.
  • The corporation need not be current, but the years that it has been out of compliance with the Secretary of the State where it is established is a factor in its valuation.
  • The age of a corporation is determined by the date in which it was put into effect, and the older, the more valuable.
  • The name of the corporation is relevant because very specific names have limited markets, while corporations with general names have more possibilities.

Once we have your proposal, we will do our due-diligence and valuation of your corporate entities, and make you an offer. Don’t leave money in a box in the basement.  Don’t spend good money after bad.  Turn your old abandoned corporate entity into cash.

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